Checking Blood Sugar

How large is the sample size for a blood sugar check?

Small 0.5 microliter blood sample.

How long does the system take to check blood sugar?

Fast 5 second test time!

Special Features

Does the meter have reminder alarms and how do I turn them on/off?

You may set up any or all of the reminder alarms (1-4). The meter displays “On” or “OFF” and, press Main button to turn on or turn off to set the first reminder alarm.

Press Main button to select “On”, then press SET to set the hour. When the hour is flashing, press Main button to add an hour. Press SET to confirm and go to minutes, press Main button to add one minute. Hold Main button longer to add faster. Press SET to confirm and go to the next alarm setting.

If you do not want to set an alarm, press SET to skip this step.
If you want to turn off an alarm, find the alarm number by pressing SET in the setting mode, press Main button to change from “ON’ to “OFF”.

At the time of your alarm, the meter will beep and automatically turn on. You can press Main button to silence the alarm and insert a test strip to begin testing. If you do not press Main button, the meter will beep for 2 minutes then switch off. If you do not want to test at this time, press Main button to switch off the meter.

How do I transfer my test results? Can I transfer my results to my doctor or caregiver?

The Test N'GO is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. In one easy step you can pair your meter with your iOS or Android smart phone. To find out how to pair your meter to your smart phone, please watch the following YouTube video:

Pair your Test N'GO to iOS :

Pair your Test N'GO to Android:

After your meter is paired to your smart phone, download the iFORA Diabetes Manager Application from Apple's App Store and/or Google Play Store.
Transmitting your Results

1. Perform Glucose Test
2. Remove strip and turn off meter
3. Blue light indicator on the meter will light up, results are then transmitted to the iFORA App on your smart phone.

Sending results to your doctor or caregiver: You can upload your results from inside of the iFORA App on your smart phone to ForaCare's TeleHealth Cloud Sever. From here your caregivers have instant access to view your data from any deceive with a web browser.

Test Strips and Coding

Do I need to code my Test N'GO meter to the strips?

No coding required.

Meter Care and Battery

What is the memory capacity? And how could it be retrieved?

Your meter stores the 450 most recent blood glucose test results with date and time in its memory. You can review the test results with these easy steps.

Reviewing Test Results

Enter the Memory Mode
With the meter turned off, press the Main button. The first test result will appear, indicating that you are in the memory mode.
When using the meter for the first time or if the results have been deleted, “---” will appear, indicating that there are no test results in the memory.


Recall Test Results
After the last test result, the most recent test result appears with the date and time. Press the Main button to review your last 450 test results in order. When the memory is full, the oldest result will be deleted when the newest is added.


Exit the Memory Mode
Press and hold the main button for 3 seconds to turn off the meter. Please note your meter will automatically turn off after the last result has been displayed, "END" will appear on the screen.

NOTE: If the meter is in control solution mode (QC) the test results will not be stored in the meter memory.

Is the time and date or memory lost when the battery is removed?

The batteries are not designed to be removed. If your battery dies, your memory will not be affected.

How many reminder alarms are built into the Test N'GO?

You may set up any or all of the reminder alarms (1-4).

What kind of battery does it use?

Li-Polymer battery. Rechargeable. If the low battery symbol appears on the screen indicating that the battery is low and it is time to recharge the battery.

1. Connect the USB cable to the data port of the meter.
2. Connect the other end of cable to a free USB port on your personal computer.
3. “USB” will appear on the display and the charging indicator will light up in red when battery is recharging. After the battery is fully charged, the red light will turn green.
4. Remove the USB cable and the meter will automatically switch off.

NOTE: .It is absolutely necessary to fully recharge your meter every 9 months. If you wait longer than 9 months to fully recharge your meter, your meter's battery will lose its longevity and may not ever reach a full charge.
.It should take approximately 2 hours to be fully recharged. Recharging the battery does not affect the test results stored in the memory.
.The USB cable is for charging your meter only, it does not transfer your data. If you wish to charge your meter in a wall outlet, plug the opposite end of the cable into the USB adapter, then plug that into your wall outlet.

General Questions

Where can I get replacement lancets and test strips?

Replacement lancets and test strips are distributed through major distributors to your nearest stores and pharmacies, please contact local customer services or the place of purchase for assistance. You can also contact ForaCare at 1-888-307-8188.