The iFORA App syncs with your FORA Test N'GO for an Enhanced Diabetes Management Experience

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For people living with diabetes, iFORA is the perfect tool to track your daily blood glucose readings. With iFORA you can see your trends displayed in detailed graphics, record your food intake, insulin dosages, and access our diabetes patient 101 information center.

Tag your readings

Note your food intake, activities for the day and any information that would explain your reading.

Daily Diary
See instantly how insulin doses and activities impact glucose levels.

iFORA is more than just a log book

Manually input the amount of Insulin injected, the number of intake carbs, your physical and lifestyle activities, and medications taken within the test period

The diary displays your entries in a 24 hour period.

Touch the screen once and you’ll see a red line. Touch the red line, hold and drag to an entry such as insulin, physical activity, meal and medications. Once the icon of your choice is selected, release the hold to see notes on the selected entry in a pop up window

Instantly see how your daily decisions and lifestyle activities impact your glucose levels

Diabetes 101 & Getting Started
ForaCare created a wonderful information center right inside our iFORA Diabetes Manager Application.

Have questions on self-monitoring, diet, exercise or medication? Inside of the diabetes 101 section within the iFORA app, you will find answers to all these questions and more. This is also beneficial for a newly diagnosed person with diabetes because of the section covering a complete overview of the disease.

Did your doctor just prescribe you a new medication or insulin? Inside the medication section, on our iFORA App you will find detail information on each of these and more! How this can effect your glucose level and common side-effects of the oral drug.

Getting started, inside this section you will be given a full tutorial on how to use the Test N'GO meter. Topics covered are, using our lancing device, performing a control solution test and performing a blood test. All done in short, easy-to-understand animated videos right inside the iFORA App on your smartphone.

Misplace or lose the meter manual, inside the iFORA app you find a digital copy for you to reference anytime, anywhere!

Target Pie Chart
Find out how well you have managed your blood glucose levels during the last 7, 14 and 30 days.

Pre-meal, Post-meal, Morning and Evening
Connect the dots for better understanding of the ups and downs.

Graphs illustrate blood glucose variations of pre-meal measurements, post-meal measurements, before bed measurements, and midnight/morning measurements.

The grey region clearly showcases your target range.

A perfect reading? When all the dots fall within your target range!

When you select one of the dots, your reading will pop-up along with any notes that you had entered for that particular reading.