Clinical Validation

ForaCare is committed to meeting the highest measurement standards for all of our devices. Medical professionals trust the performance of ForaCare products,
and our patients have peace of mind knowing that their meter is highly accurate and meets all the latest standards in the industry.

The FORA Test N’Go blood glucose monitor is highly accurate and meets the recent international standard (ISO) 15197:2013 requirements. The ISO 15197 requires that at least 95% of test results from a blood glucose meter should be within 15% of laboratory results when equal to or above 100 mg/dL, and within 15 mg/dL when below 100 mg/dL.

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System Accuracy of FORA Test N'Go Strips

FORA Test N'Go strips are designed to be used with the FORA Test N'Go meter.<

Passing and Bablok Regression

Consensus (Parkes) Error Grid